Thursday, April 10, 2014

4 more to go

baby L started moving more and more these past few days

i measured 39 weeks on tuesday

i have irregular contractions

i'm terrified coz Mika was born at 36 weeks
and i'm experiencing new things

the day is coming

i'm not ready - or am i?

a secret?
i can't wait to hug my husband w/o my belly
(y'all know what i mean)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring time

mika still doesnt have the patience to sit still
and wait for baby L to kick

but he was really cute
touching my belly and talking to her

our peach tree is blooming!
YAY for Spring!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

If I were an elephant... I'd kill myself.

baby L got head down on monday
most horrifying pain EVER!

well -

not really...
giving birth without pain meds
was worse

just 5 more weeks to go


Sunday, March 30, 2014

few more weeks

baby L is sideways
i look very tired
she's about 6 lbs
I gained only 8 lbs
she moves a lot...

baby  L's cardigan 
size 12 months
i'm so proud! 
looks LOVELY!

new pet: wolly bear caterpillar
will be released tomorrow...

we got a washer
thanks tax return!!! :) 

L will be my grandmother's last great grandchild 
(unless brother or cousins have more kids)
she knitted this 
she's 85 years old
she has 8 grandkids: 2 girls, 6 boys
13 great grandkids: 7 boys, 6 girls
L will be #14

i'll be 35 weeks on thursday
and I can't wait for L to be born.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are we already done with march?

Last weeks suck:
a. kicks all day long
b. peeing all day long
c. little sleep
d. no room for baby L inside my belly anymore

Mika's Masterpiece
Permanent marker scribbles all over the kitchen cabinets 

Knitting again
 I'm making a cute cardigan for winter time
in size 12 months.
Baby L is already 6 lbs... I can't imagine how big she'll be by December...

We have a swing!!!

H A P P Y     S P R I N G !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

T - 8

so the day is getting closer and closer. 
We know she won't be born by my due date
which is 5/14, but the day is coming!

i am getting excited and nervous at the same time.

i had a 'natural' birth at the hospital with Mika
and i'm planning on doing it drug-free again
this time around.

i can't afford water birth b/c of my diabetes
and i don't have the $ for that...
so we'll do the hospital,
which my very excellent health insurance covers 100%
and she'll be born,
in the great state of Virginia.

You don't really wanna know why I will deliver my baby
1 hour away from my town while there is a hospital
and maternal care here.

everything is going well and on 3/26 we'll have another sonogram
and this time Gary'll be able to see her
b/c he's coming with me.
he had throat surgery so he's off work
for 2 weeks. not fun... :(

i weight (still) 210lbs :)
i've been 210 for about 4 months now
and I'm SO PROUD!!! 
i'm on a very strict diet so i have to eat
specific foods and amount of calories a day.

happy st. patrick's day.
don't get too drunk