Monday, February 25, 2013

Lost in Translation

Well my dear facebook friends...I’m knitting.
Yes. I’m knitting. I was looking at a photo the other day from 12/31/12 and remembering that I started this piece around that time and I’m back again at the same spot I was at that time. It really sucks, but hopefully I'll get some more done soon...

My mother had started knitting a jacket. Well, actually, she made the whole pieces for it and when it was time to sew it together she didn’t like how it looked so she put it away in order to undo the pieces and knit something else. I told her: give me the pieces and I’ll knit something for you

I brought everything here and I undid all the pieces (the yarn and needles was the ONLY thing that got inspected in the airport!). I looked for a design and I started knitting. I really liked this short sleeve jacket, and the design wasn’t that complicated. I had knitted the whole back with 2 needles (even thought the instructions say circular needle) and I was about to start the other parts, when I realized it was too big. 
If it was too big for me, it was going to be too big for my mother as well. 

I undid it, and I started it again (this time on circular needles which means I was doing the WHOLE piece [back and front] at the same time). I made 1 mistake that was unnoticeable … so I kept going. However, when I’m looking at it one night I realized I had messed it up BIG time, so I took all the stitches from the needle and looked at the piece so see if I could fix it. I measured it with my body and it was TOO BIG! 
I undid everything and I started all over again. So now I’m just at the same point I was when 2013 started…. 

At the beginning of the piece. My mother told me I have a lot of patience to do it all over again, but now I’m determined to do it and finish it! It's taking shape and looking really nice, so I'm happy about it! I'll show photos once it's done. 

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