Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Wild Geese

Even though it looks like Mika is walking on the moon
he's actually walking on our 'backyard'
which is not too safe to play in
or walk in, actually, but it's ok to make him smile
and have a conversation with the geese :) 

We live in an apartment complex
and our apartment building is located at the end of the 'circle'
(street that goes all around the other apartments)
which gives us this view of the lake.

Every morning when Mika wakes up
he stands by the window waiting for me to open his curtains
to see the 'ba' : name of the geese.

These geese are TOTALLY annoying sometimes; however, they're Mika's entertainment.
Every day he stands by the window to see them... and if it's raining
he's a little depressed as the stupid birds don't come to greet him :(

According to one of the neighbors, geese poop is toxic.
We spend about 45 minutes walking here while the geese were talking
and Mika was talking back to them. 
I saw a lot of poop
and it really sucks there's so much poop
cos we could have sit down and had a picnic.

Don't you just love short months???

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