Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House of Cards

February was a really bad month for me. I was sooooooooooooooooo depressed about stupid thing, but mostly about the fact I didn't have my phone, my knitting work wasn't going the direction I wanted, and I was just blah :( I sent shitty cards to the people who were having birthdays and it was just really bad on my part to be doing that.

HOWEVER- I woke up on Feb 28th feeling like I was a new person. I got all my papers ready and I started creating my designs for this year's cards (sorry Cecilia for not being inspired before your birthday!!!).  I made 20 cards over the weekend and I was so happy as I have all my cards make until June! Yes- I'm crazy like that!!!! :)

The ones you see on top are handpainted (the one with the couple), handstitched (the one with the boat), and the other ares just hand cut as my hand used the scissors to cut the papers :) I sew all the cards (except the one with the couple) and I just love how well they turned out. By the way, the ones with the cakes go to some guys who don't read my blog so I could post them here... as well as the couple (it's a wedding anniversary card).

It's a lot of work and I love making them. It's cheaper for me as well considering the amount of cards I send every year... I just love how they turned out- especially the one with the couple! :)

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