Friday, March 1, 2013

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Sunday morning I woke up to this:

I was really surprised to see something GREY on my knitting bag, considering I wasn't knitting anything grey. Well... it looks like Mika had been knitting - I thought :) 

The truth is, Gary decided to knit after watching me knit and undo my jacket so many times. He compliments me on my perseverance which I find it to be a great gift (thank you genes!!!). 

This is what I'm knitting (this photo was taken a while ago)
what I mentioned on last Monday post.
For those of you who can't see the design clearly,
this is a close up:
isn't it beautiful????

May be Gary thought he could do better at knitting than me... so he started knitting a scarf. I put the stitches on the needles and he started. I was like: Hmmmm I think you should practice a little bit before throwing yourself to start a big project. Well... the scarf was 'too boring', he said. He wanted to knit s o m e t h i  n g.  We then searched for a hoodie pattern for Mika and that's what he's been doing. 

I got the stitches on the needles and he started. There were 66 stitches at first, and after a couple of rows Gary had 72!!! He wasn't happy with it, but he was proud he had added some stitches and now he knew how to add stitches! :) From not knowing how to knit, he was now knitting AND adding stitches! 

He started knitting the back part of the hoodie. I love knitting with him coz he's really funny... he knits one row and looks at his work and doesn't see any progress, so he gets frustrated... and I laugh. I told him: if you look at your work EVERY SINGLE TIME you finish a row you'll never gonna finish it! He's impatient and he wanted to finish it over the weekend... but that wasn't the case. 

Unfortunately, there were many mistakes plus the added stitches, so I had to undo the work and started all over again. Also, Mika grabbed the needles a couple of times and all the stitches went loose :( I hate when he does that!!!

Gary has to knit 33 cms for the back of the hoodie. He's asked me to knit 10 cms for him... I usually knit 2 or 3 rows every time I see his work, so hopefully by the end of this week we'll have the back done.  After taking this photo I had to undo more than 25 rows in my work as I made a BIG mistake. I hate when I see the mistakes and I know I have to undo everything :( 

I took this last photo of Mika when I was starting my project as I found it interesting he was there with my work.  I don't think he knew what he was doing stepping on Abu's future jacket. 
All I know is this: my mother will receive a handmade jacket by her daughter that's been all over my apartment and that's been stepped on by his grandson countless time.

That, ladies and gentleman, is PRICELESS.

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