Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toy Story

For Mika's 1st birthday Gary's cousin sent us a gift card for ToysRus. I was really happy to get the gift card as there were some toys we were interested in getting for him. We very picky with his toys because we want him to learn to create and use his imagination... so the more imaginative and creative the toy is, the better for us. We had thought about getting him some Legos, but he's too small and as he still put EVERYTHING in his mouth, we were afraid Legos would cause him to choke. 

When we went to the mall we were really close to ToysRus, so we decided to go to see if they had something similar to the Legos but in bigger size, and yes!!! They did. We were able to purchase for half the price this set of mega blocks that were the right size for Mika's mouth :)

Gary's robot was too heavy and fell a couple of times, but he had a lot of fun.

One of the reasons we wanted this kind of toy, was the fact Gary loved playing with his Mecano blocks when he was a child. It gave him the chance to let his imagination fly, and he looks at this toy with great fondness. We wanted the same for Mika... but especially, we wanted him to learn to use his brain instead of being glued to the TV or the games all day (like some other kids are).  Mika has powerful creative genes and we want him to use them to his full potential. :) Does it make sense???

Happy Week!!!

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