Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A few smiles

Last night I was talking to my parents thru Skype. It was great to see them smile at the new addition to the family :) I think all the rewards they get are a great reward for their hard work.

I am lucky to have such amazing parents. I am lucky to have my parents get on so well with my husband. I am lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. I am simply LUCKY to have been born into this family and I'm happy to call my dad DAD and my mom MOM. I hope I can be able to show as much love to Mika as they've showed me. I hope I can give Mika the freedom my parents gave me.

I don't have photos on my computer yet, and posting from Gary's MacBook has been almost impossible due to his iPhoto configuration. I'll share soon my photos from these past weeks.

Happy Wednesday!

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