Saturday, June 8, 2013

Giving up

Most of my friends don't live where I live. They're far away.
Not only in distance... they've drifted far away in feelings as well.

I had a friend who used to call me every single Saturday to wish me Happy Sabbath.
Now, she doesn't do that. I don't know why she stopped... but every Saturday morning I wait for her call... only to spend the day w/o hearing from her.

Being a Christian is a hard work when your spouse is not. I haven't gone to church in a long time (due to several issues I won't post here), and my friends seem to have 'punished' me for that. I haven't talked to them in such a long time and I'm really out of their news circle. Which really sucks... because every single one of them get birthday cards, or anniversary card, and Christmas cards. I care about them. I send them emails, I'm in contact with them thru the emails and the photos and everything... and they just don't care.

People in the SDA church are more worried about getting new members than saving the ones that were once SDA members. It's sad to see how the church gives up on us. Really sad.

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