Thursday, June 27, 2013

Justin Bieber is an idiot

A few months ago, or weeks ago, Justin Bieber had the great privilege to go to the Anne Frank museum. I don't know where the museum is, I think it's in Holland. I'm not sure. Anyway... it doesn't matter where the museum is. What matters is how stupid and arrogant this guy is.

I don't know whether he has any idea who Anne Frank was, or what the Holocaust meant for so many people, but I do hope when he's old and mature he can see how fucked up he was to write such idiotic stuff at the museum's guestbook. I watched a movie the other day (Freedom Writers) and I started reading a little bit about the people who hid the Franks and it's just horrible all the stuff they had to suffer :(

Gary couldn't believe what JB had done and he got so upset about it as well. In a few years JB will be nobody, while Anne Frank will be a housename forever. Fucking idiot.

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