Friday, June 28, 2013

Laughing matters

a couple of weeks ago G decided to start a project. he had been talking about doing this for quite some time and how he needed to go to THIS store to buy the stuff he needed. because our city is too small, we don't have that store (we just lost our ONLY Hallmark store :( ) and I had to drive all the way to another city to find what he needed.

Actually, we made it very easy: he'd go to the movies with his friend to watch the new Superman movie and I'd go to buy stuff I needed. I didn't tell him I'd go to this store, however I went there and I bought a bunch of things for him. When he saw the bag he told me: Oh! you bought what I needed! I said: well, you have been talking about this so I went ahead and bought what you needed.

I didn't buy just one piece of what he needed. I bought 10. I'm not gonna buy 1 yard of fabric. I'm going to buy 1 1/2 just in case. I did the same with G's materials. I wasn't sure how many sheets of wood he'd need but I knew it wasn't just one.

He told us about this guy who made a comment about his wife. He builds some sort of game to play in the beach. He uses wood panels. It seemed his wife wanted to surprise him and went to Home Depot and bought one panel of wood. Mind you, he uses about 5 panels to make this game. So he decided to share this story with G's friends. I wasn't there so i don't know his intentions on telling the story but the guys all laughed at the 'stupidity' of his wife for buying just ONE while he uses 5 panels.

I told G that was really mean and I spent most of my trip back thinking about that. She wasn't there so they weren't laughing w her... they were laughing at her. I thought that was not a very loving thing to do, and even if she messed up buying just ONE panel, she thought about doing something nice for her husband.

Guys are jerks. (some guys)

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