Monday, June 24, 2013

Noisy Up

I love being a mom and I'm happy with every single stage my son is living. I don't care I don't understand what he's telling me when he's moving his lips and saying stuff . I don't care he looks at me pointing to things and says UP UP like everything needs to go up. I love that he's still so innocent and can't take care of himself. I don't want to think of him as a teen, or going to school, or leaving for college.

Why are parents in such a rush to see their children leave their homes? what's up with this need to see them go to school, graduate, go to college, get married, have kids? Why can't they ENJOY their kids being babies, and toddlers? Why can't they enjoy the messy rooms, the dirty diapers, the dirty clothes, the chubby cheeks? Why the hurry to see them grow up? Why????

A couple of weeks ago my friend texted me: can you imagine when he goes to kinder? I replied: no. I can't imagine my son's future and I don't want to imagine anything because I'm too concerned living in the present. I enjoy his silences and the way he plays. I love watching him grab his blanket and walk around with it. It melts my heart when he says mama and lifts his arms so I can grab him. I don't give a fuck about the future because I'm too busy living my present with him.

I know he'll grow up and he'll leave us to live his life somewhere... but right now, today, he's just a baby who needs me and I'm happy to be there for him.

As for the neighbors, I wish I had an ax to go and ax those fucking speakers that make my TV shake. I'm so tired of them!!! SO TIRED!

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