Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I was reading several posts yesterday about these women sharing very personal stuff about their lives, their kids, and I wondered: do they think that in a few years (15+) their kids will be teens and they'd know what Google is? Have you ever Googled your name? or your nickname? Isn't that what Google is for?  :P

For a few weeks I've seen on several of the blogs I follow, the oversharing of information about their children and it bothers me. We are the parents and we're supposed to protect them, and sharing so much about them is not protecting them... not even giving them their own privacy.

We live in a world where we make money posting about our families, our marriages, our children. I think I'm ok with that (not that I make any $ posting about my life, anyways). But I wonder:  When is too much 'too much'?

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