Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Status: married

I got married on a cloudy thursday morning. People I invited to my wedding didn't show up. Most of my friends didn't know I was getting married. Most of my friends disapproved my marriage when they found out I was married. I never gave a fuck about whether they were ok with it, or not... but it did hurt me to know they were so against my decision.

I got married on a cloudy thursday morning 5 years ago. I was wearing a nice suit I found at Macy's and super high black shoes that hurt me... even the thought of wearing them again bring me horrible memories of wearing them that day. I didn't get many presents and the people who knew about my wedding were happy because I was gonna stop my internet 'promiscuity'. Whatever that means... (those were their words, not mine!).

I got married on a cloudy day on June 26th 2008. I've spent 5 years living with a man who's not perfect, who disagrees with me about everything, who drives me crazy, who loves me like crazy.

We might not be the perfect couple. We might not be perfect for each other. We might be not compatible in many things. However, we love each other perfectly. He might not plug in my iPhone, or  put the dishes OUTSIDE the sink, or clean his working area after he's done... I might not flush the toilet, or keep the kitchen table tidy, or get up every morning to make his breakfast. But we love each other.

I love him... 5 years later... even if he forgot we got married 5 years ago, today, on a cloudy morning.

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