Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Little - to not concern at all"

We received Mika's diagnose this past weekend and it was a good letter. The autism specialist wrote a very detailed letter explaining how she thinks Mika is at no concern for autism.... so that is great!

We were worried b/c Mika had certain signs we could relate to autism. We did all that was advised to us to do, and well... we got big news. Mika has a big speech delay due to him being in a bilingual environment (thanks God the autism specialist was bilingual as well and did the whole test in Spanish), but she noted there's nothing else to worry about. Mika receives Speech Therapy at home and he'll keep getting it while his vocabulary progress.

Unfortunately, he's into words ending with UCK so once in a while he would say C0CK or something that sounds like F**K. But he's doing great and we're very happy with the progress he's done ...

Hopefully, one day he'll talk in sentences with real words.

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