Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning sickness go away, please.

i am sick in the morning.
i am sick in the afternoon.
i am sick at night.
i cant sleep.
i get up 200,000 times to pee.
my belly hurts.
i'm hungry all the time.
my blood sugar levels are to the roof.
i need to sleep.
i'm hungry all the time.
i can't eat whatever i want.
because my blood sugar is too high.

i miss my mom and i wanna go home.

being pregnant sucks and i feel worse bc i'm lucky to be pregnant.
i'm lucky to have a baby in my uterus while so many can't.
i'm lucky to have a son who's healthy while others have disabled children.
God bless me with a great family who support me.
but i'm struggling w this pregnancy.
i feel sick all the time.
like, all the time.

and one more thing.
i want to eat a bagel with cream cheese.
(something i havent done in 2 1/2 years)

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