Friday, November 8, 2013

tired is spelled: i haven't slept in a week

i'm not tired. i'm EXHAUSTED. i'm past beyond the point where i know what's right or wrong, what's ok or not, what's healthy or not.
i can't sleep.
as soon as i put my head in the pillow 10,000,000 things start twirling around in my head and i can't relax. i can't close my eyes and see dolphins or sheep or bunnies.  i can't concentrate on my sleeping music and forget about Diego or Alicia or Dora. I dream a lot and just a little noise wakes me up (if i'm sleeping) and some nights all i do is lay there listening to gary's snore.
i'm stressed out b/c of the move and i'm considering ditching mika's bday party. i said around 5.30pm w/o realizing i'm pooped by 7pm. I don't know about mika... but i know it's a mistake.
however, i want him to have a party.

do you ever have that feeling that you just want to go and hide under a rock, disappear for a while?
i do.

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