Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~ Dovakina ~

I didn't do  this while I was pregnant with Mika b/c i thought it was so stupid to take weekly photos of my belly, but now I'm just doing it for fun to post on facebook :)

Because of my diabetes I was able to get a sonogram at my 19th week and guess what???
it's GIRL!

We had a name chosen for a girl since 2011; however, 99% of the people who knew the name hated it and we had to change it. The name we had chosen was Kaori ~ which is a very popular Japanese name for girls. Yes!!!! We like Japanese names and cultural things.

The nights are sleepless and I'm very tired and hungry, most of the time. I'm not taking insulin yet, and I can't wait for the doctors to give it to me b/c the diet is not working. They put me on new meds which are dangerous to the baby so I'm not taking them. You need to know, I don't like meds.

Mika has no idea about what's going on. We just say 'be careful with mama's belly' but I don't think he really understand what's going on. He calls babies 'Pish' so by the time the baby is born may be he will understand what's going on with my growing belly.

We chose to name the baby Dovakina, for the moment. It's not a real name but the 'nickname' until we reveal to the world the name chosen. It's a short name ~ unless Gary changes it because he's the one in charge of choosing 1st names. I choose the middle names and in the end, I will name her w/e I want. We have 2 options: the name ending with E or ending with A. We'll see which one makes it to the birth certificate.

Happy 2014 everybody!

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