Sunday, March 30, 2014

few more weeks

baby L is sideways
i look very tired
she's about 6 lbs
I gained only 8 lbs
she moves a lot...

baby  L's cardigan 
size 12 months
i'm so proud! 
looks LOVELY!

new pet: wolly bear caterpillar
will be released tomorrow...

we got a washer
thanks tax return!!! :) 

L will be my grandmother's last great grandchild 
(unless brother or cousins have more kids)
she knitted this 
she's 85 years old
she has 8 grandkids: 2 girls, 6 boys
13 great grandkids: 7 boys, 6 girls
L will be #14

i'll be 35 weeks on thursday
and I can't wait for L to be born.


1 comment:

  1. The cardigan you made is beautiful! You may feel tired but you look great.