Sunday, March 16, 2014

T - 8

so the day is getting closer and closer. 
We know she won't be born by my due date
which is 5/14, but the day is coming!

i am getting excited and nervous at the same time.

i had a 'natural' birth at the hospital with Mika
and i'm planning on doing it drug-free again
this time around.

i can't afford water birth b/c of my diabetes
and i don't have the $ for that...
so we'll do the hospital,
which my very excellent health insurance covers 100%
and she'll be born,
in the great state of Virginia.

You don't really wanna know why I will deliver my baby
1 hour away from my town while there is a hospital
and maternal care here.

everything is going well and on 3/26 we'll have another sonogram
and this time Gary'll be able to see her
b/c he's coming with me.
he had throat surgery so he's off work
for 2 weeks. not fun... :(

i weight (still) 210lbs :)
i've been 210 for about 4 months now
and I'm SO PROUD!!! 
i'm on a very strict diet so i have to eat
specific foods and amount of calories a day.

happy st. patrick's day.
don't get too drunk 

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