Monday, April 21, 2014

This is when I tell you that people suck.

I barely complain about life in general... I tend to be pretty content about everything, people, friends, family, etc. etc. etc. If I'm upset about someone/something I write a letter to my good friend RL and I just vent there. I write to her with TONS of details about what bothers me and after I write I forget why I was upset and I keep on going with my life.

I tend to give people 2nd chances when they disappoint me the 1st time and that's usually a mistake. My mistake... for trusting they could change or for trusting people can be honest. Last week I bought a bumper for baby L's crib and the lady told me I should wash it b/c it had few 'stains'. Well... the stains ended up being MOLD all over the inside of the bumper. I should have known better and I should have checked the 'stains' before bringing the bumper home, but I just trusted this woman.

Today I realized you can give people a lot of chances, but that doesn't mean they would really care about it. I feel like I was stabbed in my back, once again, and it's such a horrible feeling.   I just want to have the strength to go and punch this idiot in the face! I won't, of course, but I wish I could!

Happy week everybody. Baby L is still in my belly and I'm getting tired - it's not even funny or cute or sweet or lovely anymore.

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  1. That doesn't look comfortable at all! Poor you!