Wednesday, June 18, 2014


12 weeks
Sept 2009

Someone came to meet baby L and at one point she said:

'i'm so happy for you guys b/c now you have a son and a daughter and that's something you really wanted... a girl... after you lost your girl a couple of years ago.'

Baby L is not replacing Ponyo and what this woman said is SO wrong in so many levels.
It sucks big time how people talk w/o thinking about what they're saying or how their comments can hurt someone else.

Ponyo is not some random child I didn't know. She was my daughter. My baby. She was inside me. I felt her move. I saw her face. I delivered her. It wasn't just something. We don't talk about her and there's few moments when we mentioned her, so I was extremely surprised at this comment.

I love Leah. We were SO happy when we found out Leah was a girl - not because of Ponyo. Noboy is replacing Ponyo. Noone can replace Ponyo or the love we felt for her. Leah is not a rainbow baby, nor is Mika. We tried to give closure to what happened 4 1/2 years ago before we became parents again, and I think time didn't heal our wounds, but are here with 2 new children we love and who need us to look to the future, and not get stuck in the past.

We loved Ponyo since the first time we saw the pregnancy test. We loved Ponyo when we heard the heart beat. We loved Ponyo when we knew she was a girl. We loved Ponyo when we said goodbye to her. Ponyo is not replaceable and she has a space in my heart, as well as Gary's.

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