Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

One of those things we do as parents is always tell those 'horrible' stories when our kids embarrasse us or we find ourselves in the 'hot' seat for something they said. In my case, it hasn't happened yet but it's bound to happen any time soon.

Mika likes cars, and now he likes SUPER CARS. Super cars are expensive cars, or fast cars. He's into street racing at the moment, as well as car crashes (yes!!!) and other sort of very violent car activities. Anyway, we try to monitor what he watches b/c you never know with YouTube, but this is the story of what happened this past week.

We were watching a compilation of car crashes and suddenly this video comes up:

The OH SH*T is repeated 2 or 3 times, I think? and the video repeats itself in the compilation 5 times. I kept hearing OH SH*T OH SH*T OH SH*T and suddenly I found myself saying OH SH*T??????  like, WTF is going on with this video???

I turned it off, of course, and the meltdown was crazy! But he then started playing with his own toys and crashing his cars, so there was no problem. However, at night, while he was playing with his cars, he started crashing his 'super car' (it's the Batmobile) and his red car. Every time he'd crash the cars he would say OH SH*T. LOL It's like he associated the OH SH*T with that action: crashing.

We told him we couldn't say that and that wasn't a good word/phrase, but he could say Recorcholis  or rayos y centellas  2 very stupid Spanish phrases that we don't use... and it was so funny, because after I said that to him, he look at me and grabbed his 'super car' and crashed it with the red car and with his very sweet face said: OH SH*T.

Kids... don't pick up the good words, just the bad ones!

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