Tuesday, May 12, 2015


On Sunday afternoon I got to see this on my Facebook feed. I loved how she worded her status and I really thought how few women say this on Mother's Day. 

I got a letter from a German pal today and she wrote:
It was great to get your letter! You're pregnant again - I envy you :) Yes - [...] as you can imagine I'm still not pregnant and I would, at once, trade positions with you.
It was heartbreaking b/c she's been trying to get pregnant for quite a while, and here I am... with baby #3 who came a little unexpected. Of course I can't trade places with her the same way I can't trade places with all my friends experiencing infertility. I can't feel any guilty every time this friend tells me: 'you're so lucky you can bear children'. With every pregnancy I had a friend experiencing miscarriages, problems getting pregnant, etc. 

Life is so unfair, sometimes. I just hope there's some type of hope for my German pal and her final IVF works for them and they're able to get pregnant and have a baby. 

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