Wednesday, October 12, 2016

the world we live in

This was posted on my HS group last night.
The little boy is 2 and this is just ridiculous.

We've become so OBSESSED with understanding everything, and filling our children's lives with so much information that we forget they're just kids. They'll learn stuff w/o us being all over them trying to figure out why is it so important for him/her to learn to play pretend.

The mothers in my HS groups piss me off. Specially those who ask stupid questions and those who post photos of their HS rooms and the other go like: 'OMG I wish I had that room', 'that's a lovely place', 'come and redo my room'.

This person posted 30+ photos on Monday and I felt the urge to go and bully her online. I mean, I would have never said anything to her in person, so I shut up and said nothing, but if I had been someone else, I would have totally said something. She lives in freaking NYC. Her Husband is a lawyer at a very well known firm and she's using this HS program. She bought all the cool, fashion, expensive stuff.


I'm not jealous for her things, or her room, or anything. I'm just pissed at how she's bragging about her shit while so many people all over the world who use this program struggle to find a place to HS their children at their own place. It's not I don't have a place (we do have a nice kitchen with a lovely table we use all the time), it's just her bragging and it's just seeing how little mess it'll be done there.

I'm not rich to buy the cool stuff, but my children get to get dirty and experience real messy homeschooling :)

But her photos pissed me off. Same as this woman who posted about the play pretend. Just get some cars and dinosaurs and you'll see pretend play.

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